The Huntings End
Release date: August 1, 2014

Jeff Beadle

The Huntings End

Vinyl 12" | CD Album | DDL BFLY-008
01 Silver Zippo Lighter
02 Did You Run
03 Cautious Lovers
04 Heartbreak Hood
05 This Ain’t Heaven
06 Devil’s Arms
07 Street Lamps
08 Nicotine Hands
Canadian folk singer-songwriter Jeff Beadle now works alone every day, battling Toronto traffic all the while writing what has become The Huntings End. Over the last four years he has been cleaning and servicing the swimming pools of the elite in the downtown core. The daily solitude provoked the fears, tragedies and heartbreaks of his past. These strong reminiscences weighed heavy on his lonely days, begging for a release.
He would arrange these feeling into rough songs on his cell phone, using voice memos and notes. Covered in grease and with chlorine stained clothes, he’d rush home to unpack the ideas, hashing out the fundamentals into melodies and complete lyrics. There is always rushed excitement to his creation, as is heard in the heartfelt tracks on The Huntings End.
Jeff partnered up with his close friend Frank Gairdner to plan a raw and pure recording session. They chose Frank’s parent’s place, a quiet and remote farm house with 20 ft wood beam ceilings located on the rolling country hills of Southern Ontario. The evocative lyrics and catchy melodies reverberated wonderfully.

(Cover image: "Moss Cathedral" by Christophe Dessaigne)
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