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constantly on the way to a better place: 'Nigel Wright moves beyond this tradition of early 70s folk'

March 13, 2012

' when you first hear that nigel lives by the blue ridge mountains in georgia (usa) and that he plays folk music, it seems like he fits right into this cliché of folk and perhaps even alt-country singer-songwriters. but nevertheless, nigel wright’s debut album millfoil shows that there’s much more to his music. millfoil has a clear line running through it from advance to the title track at the end. it’s an eclectic mix of well-crafted songs with vocals that seem extremely strong but ye ...

The Grapevine: 'Let me know when you manage to find a way out.'

March 13, 2012

' Inspired by his home of mistymountaintop in the Blueridge and the wavey milfoil aquatic plants, Nigel Wright wrote Millfoil at the age of 16. Recorded ‘with determination to avoid obvious progressions, standard tunings, and plain chords,’ in a home studio using lo-fi equipment that required careful sound production, he created a beautiful album that displays astounding maturity both in sound and lyric. The songs in Millfoil range from the vibrant opening track ‘Advances’  w ...


March 10, 2012

The international release of Nigel Wright's Millfoil is coming closer. For all the great response Nigel and we had in the last weeks - we would like to thank you and share this second session video with the guys live in Berlin. We will reveal all details about "Millfoil" in the days to come. Enjoy the Church Sessions version of »Advance« of Nigel's upcoming »Millfoil« at our video page on Youtube or on Vimeo.  Release : Nigel Wright - Millfoil ...


February 16, 2012

Tomorrow will be the international release of Nigel Wright's single ANNA. For us, this is a big leap forward as a new label, and we are celebrating this with the release of the first band session live video we shot with the guys in Berlin this January. Enjoy the Church Sessions version of »Anna« of Nigel's Single »Anna« at our media page on Youtube or on Vimeo. Feel free to share it if you like it. ...

umstrum: 'It was with determination to avoid obvious progressions'

March 16, 2012

' Singer-songwriter Nigel Wright lives near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Goergia, where he writes and records his music mostly at home. From an early age he lived surrounded by artists, writers, and musicians and always knew he had to create something, but it had to be something unique. When he finally, almost reluctantly, picked up his father’s guitar, it was with determination to avoid obvious progressions, standard tunings, and plain chords.

First festival confirmations for Nigel Wright

March 19, 2012

We are excited to present the first festival confirmations.

Nigel Wright to play Soundlabs Festival & Reeperbahn Festival

June 16, 2012

Nigel Wright is freshly confirmed for two more festivals: the Soundlabs Festival at Castelbasso / Italy (July 26-28) and the Reeperbahn Festival at Hamburg / Germany (Sept. 20-22).

Next set of live dates for Nigel Wright

June 1, 2012

We have the next set of new concert and festival confirmations for Nigel Wright, including: Bedroomdisco, Franz Mehlhose, Open Air am Bieler See, Burning Eagle Fest @ Heimathafen, Kleine Freiheit, Feinkostlampe, UT Connewitz, Lagerhaus, Roter Salon, Schauburg, Café Central, Arge, Kranhalle, Brotfabrik, Ahoi Pop Festival, Gebäude 9, Effata Jugendkirche

NEW RELEASE: Nigel Wright • Follow Me Down To My Murky River - EP

June 1, 2012

'Follow Me Down To My Murky River' is now exclusively available through gogoyoko and through our store! When we made first contact with Nigel Wright in July of 2011, we never anticipated a bit of what would lie ahead of us in the coming 10 months.   But how does something like this start? With an e-mail sent across the ocean. "Just wanted to let you know, that we really like your folk stuff ANNA and HAZEL. Do you already have a CD out?" These were the first lines we sent ...

Nigel Wright - new live dates announced

May 4, 2012

We have new concert and festival confirmations for Nigel Wright: Lüften Festival, Frankfurt ... Papiersaal, Zurich ... The Sound of Bronkow, Dresden

RELEASE: Nigel Wright • Millfoil

April 2, 2012

Nigel Wright's debut album MILLFOIL is officially released! This is our very first »ALBUM« release.

Nothing scents like ... the first album

April 13, 2012

Mmmmmh … there's nothing like the scent of freshly baked albums and cherry trees starting to bloom.

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