NEW RELEASE: Nigel Wright • Follow Me Down To My Murky River - EP

NEW RELEASE: Nigel Wright • Follow Me Down To My Murky River - EP

June 1, 2012

'Follow Me Down To My Murky River' is now exclusively available through gogoyoko and through our store!

When we made first contact with Nigel Wright in July of 2011, we never anticipated a bit of what would lie ahead of us in the coming 10 months.

But how does something like this start? With an e-mail sent across the ocean. "Just wanted to let you know, that we really like your folk stuff ANNA and HAZEL. Do you already have a CD out?" These were the first lines we sent to Georgia. A leap in the dark. What kind of guy is this over there on the other side? And where are the Blue Ridge Mountains again?

For us Nigel Wright's music was reason enough to knock everything on the head what we had planned for our brand new label Butterfly Collectors.

When Nigel Wright first visited Berlin, we ventured an approach to some of our favorite songs of his– we invited the 18-year-old to do a solo session at the Villa Elisabeth. There we found a room with almost perfect acoustics, and with a number of special microphones we proposed to capture every nuance of voice and guitar. We made four intimate, live recordings that day, "The Retreat", "This Far", "Barriers" and "Millfoil".

For us it has been really interesting to observe Nigel in that very moment. What happened since his "Millfoil" recordings, done when he was sixteen ? What development would we now hear in his voice and guitar, after countless performances at open-mic venues?

This fruit– four songs of fragile beauty, preserved in the moment, one day in January 2012.

---> You can listen to 'Follow Me Down To My Murky River' here!


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