umstrum: 'It was with determination to avoid obvious progressions'

umstrum: 'It was with determination to avoid obvious progressions'

March 16, 2012

' Singer-songwriter Nigel Wright lives near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Goergia, where he writes and records his music mostly at home. From an early age he lived surrounded by artists, writers, and musicians and always knew he had to create something, but it had to be something unique. When he finally, almost reluctantly, picked up his father’s guitar, it was with determination to avoid obvious progressions, standard tunings, and plain chords.

Deeply rooted in folk tradition, Wright’s debut album Millfoil was recorded in his home studio in 2010, showing the sixteen-year-old’s grasp of fresh, solid musical structures. Along with his dense overlays of vocals and acoustic guitar progressions, his lyrics, delivered in a resonant baritone, glow with unassuming sincerity. The limitations of Wright’s lo-fi equipment (an eight track recorder and a couple of microphones) increased the care with which each sound was chosen.

Berlin-based label Butterfly Collectors discovered the young artist by chance and decided to release a remastered version of Millfoil. Release date: March 30th. '

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