December 23, 2014

With Butterfly Collectors we're celebrating its THREE year anniversary on Dec. 24 2014.

The passing year was an intense ride but we've been enjoying every moment of it.
Now we just want to spend a little time thinking about the months that are lying behind.
After relocating our main ofice, we partnered up with Indigo as our new distribution partner, together we developed our network of partners around the globe.

Our first international release was in August,  "THE HUNTINGS END" by Jeff Beadle . His first German tour was an unexpected success that put him in the spotlight of several blogs and newspapers in Germany. Thank you all, that was amazing!
In September Wooden Arms performed their first gigs in Germany, inluding a memorable show at the Reeperbahn Festival. Also their internationally acclaimed debut "TIDE" saw the light of day. The rest was equally crazy. Almost every show the band played was sold out. They closed the year with a short tour in December supporting Hundreds in Switzerland and Germany. Their last gig for this year happend in Leipzig's Täubchental. Thank you Hundreds and see you soon!
The last 2014 release was by electronic musician SPYRA. After nearly 5 years, he returned almost out of thin air with his new record "STAUB". His record made the news, especially in the Netherlands and France. The discussion about Post-Electronic hit a nerve. Spyra is currently his nominated for the German Schallwelle Award for electronic music 2015. If you'd like to give him your vote, please follow this link.

2015 will become an exciting year, with plenty of new music to discover and enjoy.
Please follow us and visit our facebook page over the path ot the next hours and days as we will post about all things Butterfly Collectors to come
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