Wooden Arms release new single & video

Wooden Arms release new single & video

September 1, 2017

'Lost In Your Own Home' […]

The full length Wooden Arms album ‘TRICK OF THE LIGHT’ is coming October 6, 2017.
The quintett now released a new single 'Lost In Your Own Home' plus a brilliant video for this track.

Lost In Your Own Home is a concise little amble through the mind of a once 21 year old Alex Carson first experimenting with psychotropic drugs in a confined space after unceremoniously leaving the familial home due to religious differences. Carson was living in 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot room. A perfect cube, in a converted mental hospital in central Norwich, and felt this was the best time to experiment with psychedelics. Carson writes: “My 21st Birthday being a culmination of all those things. I remember being haunted by shadows at night, not quite knowing what was reality and what was a dream. I wasn’t on quite that self-destructive a path as the scenario suggests, But this song epitomises the banality of real life mixed with my juvenile attempts at trying to come to terms with a massive life change… whilst also taking drugs and losing my mind.”

Listen to the full song here on our page
or watch the video: here's 'Lost In Your Own Home' on YouTube!
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